Inavero Announces 2013 Best of Staffing Winners

Winning service quality scores are more than double industry average, indicating widening gap between industry leaders and laggards

PORTLAND, OR – February 8, 2013 – Inavero, the world’s leading provider of client and job candidate satisfaction research for staffing agencies, today announced its 2013 Best of Staffing™ award winners. Presented in partnership with CareerBuilder, the fourth annual Best of Staffing lists provide the only statistically valid, objective, service quality benchmarks in the industry and reveal which staffing agencies are delivering exceptional service to their clients and the permanent and temporary employees they help to find jobs. This year’s lists highlight a growing divide among the industry’s leaders and laggards, and identify the best staffing agencies for companies and job candidates to call when they are in need.

Less than one percent of all staffing agencies in North America receive the Best of Staffing award for service excellence. Through the Net Promoter® methodology, the 2013 Best of Staffing winners achieved satisfaction scores more than double the industry average. This stark contrast in scores is a clear indication that the firms who have earned their way onto the 2013 Best of Staffing lists truly stand out for their service quality.

“Few things are more important to companies than the employees they hire,” said Inavero Founder and CEO Eric Gregg. “The same holds true for candidates on their quest for employment. Staffing agencies have proven to successfully connect companies with permanent and temporary employees. Since the end of the recession, the staffing and recruiting industry has created more jobs than any other single industry in the country*, yet so many companies and job seekers don’t take advantage of this expertise and resource. Our hope is that both companies and talent use the Best of Staffing lists as a benchmark to help select a staffing agency that can either secure the talent or employment opportunity they need.”

“Inavero is an authority in staffing industry research, and we are pleased to partner with them for the fourth year in recognizing Best of Staffing,” said Eric Gilpin, President, Staffing and Recruiting Group, CareerBuilder. “While competition for top talent remains intense, the 2013 Best in Staffing lists will provide companies and job seekers with an important resource that can make both parties’ goals more easily attainable.”

Recent industry research** conducted by Inavero and CareerBuilder helps explain some of the factors that may be responsible for the service quality gap between Best of Staffing winners and the rest of the industry:

  • LOWER TURNOVER OF INTERNAL STAFF: 32% of staffing agency clients had a different contact this year compared to last year at their primary staffing agency. The median internal turnover of Best of Staffing winners was less than 10%, significantly lower than the most recent industry average of 21%. The industry’s high internal employee turnover makes it difficult for some staffing agencies to grow strong relationships with their clients and provide superior service.
  • FOCUS ON CULTURE AND QUALITY: Best of Staffing winners place significantly more importance on the quality of their candidate pool and understanding the culture of their clients. Best of Staffing winners were 33% more likely to list 'culture fit' as one of the three most important attributes of a successful placement compared to those who didn't make the list. A successful placement goes beyond merely finding capable talent. The culture fit between candidates and the companies they are placed with is paramount to the satisfaction of both parties.
  • PROACTIVE QUALITY CONTROL: While more than 75% of staffing agencies think it is important to check in with their clients and placed talent 2-3 days before a job candidate starts a job, less than 25% of them have a policy in place to do so on each and every placement. Without a policy, this touch point doesn’t happen enough.
  • EXCEPTIONAL RESPONSIVENESS: While more than half of all agencies say they return client calls and emails within 2 hours, just 25% of clients say they experience that level of responsiveness. The top agencies respond in real-time and add value with each interaction.

This year Inavero has published two guides to educate companies and job candidates on how to choose a staffing agency. These guides dispel common myths and inform readers on the advantages the top staffing agencies bring to both an organization and job seeker. The first guide, “How to Hire the Best Staffing Agency,” identifies seven questions to help hiring managers, procurement professionals and senior HR leaders choose the best staffing agency for their needs. The second, “What is an Employment Agency?” explains how staffing agencies work to successfully find job candidates meaningful employment, and overturns some of the most common myths wrongly associated with staffing agencies. The Best of Staffing lists are included in each of these guides.

®Net Promoter, NPS, and Net Promoter Score are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company, and Fred Reichheld. Net Promoter Score is calculated by taking the percentage of respondents who, on a scale of 0 to 10, rate their likelihood to recommend the staffing agency with a score of 9 or 10 (promoters) and subtracting the percentage who rate the staffing agency a 6 or lower (detractors).

*Bureau of Labor Statistics
**Staffing Service Best Practices Study and Opportunities in Staffing Study

About Inavero

Inavero administers more staffing agency client and talent satisfaction surveys than any other firm in the world. Inavero’s team reports on satisfaction surveys from more than 500,000 staffing agency clients and talent each year and the company serves as the American Staffing Association’s exclusive research partner.

Inavero’s Best of Staffing™ is the nation’s only award that recognizes staffing agencies that receive remarkable reviews from their clients and the people they help find jobs (employed talent). The Best of Staffing winner lists are a central place that businesses and talent go to find the best staffing agencies to call when they are in need.

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